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Software adoption

Main objective for technology is fast result. The most effective method of software implementation, considering that information would be adopted by separate parts, small tasks with subsequent testing for customer and upgrading.

- While developing Technical Specification emphasis are on direct face-to-face communication (principal-agent).
- Cost minimization. Expenses are regulated in the process of work accomplishment.
- Due to the documentation simplification procedure, the project implementation time is significantly reduced.

- Lack of deep task detalization.
- The complexity of budget estimates.

Based upon decades of experience, Infoservice recommends to use one of the most modern, popular, and effective software development technologies – Agile software development.

This methodology, in contrast to the methodology of the technical task development, aims to minimize risks by reducing the development to a series of short cycles, called iterations, which usually last one to two weeks. At the end of each iteration, the customer and the contractor perform a reassessment of development priorities.

Such method is preferred one, compared to the other methods, we reduce the amount of written documentation and minimize customer expenses.

This methodology is for professional software developers.

Technical maintance (purchased service hours)