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Adoption of information system for a large corporation or for group of companies is complicated technological process. In order to keep the system workable and effective, all necessary procedures need to be organized, have solid database, optimize solutions for the task of the corporation, and organize routine procedures for technical support of the system, ect. With the development of the company, the expansion its activities and the complexity of tasks, the information system should also be easily scalable, without the need for radical changes. In addition to that, the implementation of an information system in a large corporation, usually requires addressing the integration questions with already working solutions, into a single IT architecture.

All this leads to increased requirements for technical specialists working on the project, as well as applied methods and tools that ensure the necessary level of stability and performance of the information system. The quality of the automation project often depends not only on the work of the individual enterprise, but also on the whole city or region, if the automated enterprise serves its needs (for example, in the energy sector).

In order to improve the technological quality of massive implementation, Ukrainian public organization “Business automation coalition” develops and offers to customers a program of technological support for grand implementations, which includes:

- Availability specialized channels for partners, who have experience in executing complex technological projects. Corporate technological support centers designed to provide certain quality, reliability, and productivity of corporate informational systems, as well as, to provide specialized service for clients of the corporate sector with the direct support of the SAB professional members.

- Technologies and tools, which designed to increase the productivity and scalability of the information system, analyze possible threats, monitoring of efficiency and prevention risks of failure, and the decision of other questions of large implementations. The software package “Corporate Toolkit” allows you to analyze the operation of the information system for productivity and performance, as well as, as to assess the compliance of the system with the technological requirements at the stage of pilot testing, thereby significantly reducing the risks for the corporation.

- Methods of solving technological issues of large implementations. SAB collects and accumulates the database of technological issues of large implementations, which contains information on the most relevant and most common problems and ways to solve it.

- System of training and certification of specialists. Training course for Experts on technological issues with subsequent certification, aimed at improving skills of the specialists who design architecturally complex systems and solve technologically complex problems.

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