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Software Adoption

Modern conditions of business management require each company to increase competitiveness on market of products and services. Companies strive to find optimal individual solution for this problem, mentioned earlier. Better solution results in rapid growth and increase of success. However, you cannot stop on achieved results, therefore, the question of effective management rises up. Answers can be found in forehanded and correct managerial decisions that are based upon current information. The company’s management system should be as transparent as possible, and at the same time cover all areas of management and operational accounting. Decision to create such system is another step towards successful future of the company.

Based upon client’s needs and objectives, we can offer different forms of software adoption which can solve transferring ledger balances and developing printed forms. Also, more complex projects, which include audit and analytics of processes that can be automated.

Combined (simple) adoption

Combined (simple) adoption is a set of successive steps, which results in systematic automation that completely satisfies the client’s demands. The system is installed at workplace, and able to function under client’s trained stuff.

Typical complex process of software adoption includes several steps:

- Checkup
- Writing technical task
- Software supply
- Program development and test
- Adoption of developed product
- Stuff training
- Maintance and Support

Technical maintance (purchased service hours)